Learn Advanced Facebook and Instagram Advertising Workshop – April 23, 2016

Crystal DeCnodder

April 23, 2016 9:30 am - 3:00 pm The Commons Calgary

In a one day Social Media Workshop you will learn everything you need to know about Facebook and Instagram Advertising:

  • Create your own sales funnel by linking your website and email marketing channels with your Facebook advertising objectives
  • Explore Power Editor, a tool developed by Facebook that allows you to manage multiple ad campaigns from one simple interface.
  • Gain an understanding of Facebook’s 15 ad objectives and when to apply these objectives to your campaigns.
  • Learn which ad objectives are available on Instagram and when to apply these objectives to your campaigns.
  • Create and launch your own Facebook or Instagram ad using Power Editor during the live workshop.
  • Explore creative strategies to improve your Facebook and Instagram ad performance, reduce your ad spend and and gain a positive marketing ROI.

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Why Advertise on Facebook and Instagram?

Facebook and Instagram have cultivated the largest online audiences on Earth. Reports today suggest that the number of people visiting these networks daily exceeds 2 billion.  This presents businesses with an excellent opportunity to build brand awareness, grow revenue and establish new business opportunities.

As an example of audience, in Calgary, 800-900 thousand people use Facebook to connect with the individuals and brands that matter to them. Many of these people are also active on Instagram.

When you choose to run a Facebook or Instagram Ad, you choose the audiences that see your ad based on location, age, interests and digital behaviours. This makes your ads more relevant for the people who see them and delivers real sales results. In comparison, marketing services like Google AdWords direct traffic to your website by capturing search data rather than audience profiling.

Ad exchanges are complex environments and a variety of factors influence who your ad is shown to, how much it will cost and ultimately how successful your campaign will be. The Socialbulls ‘Learn Facebook and Instagram Advertising’ Social Media Workshop helps you navigate this environment to create successful campaigns on a modest budget.

The SocialBulls ‘Facebook and Instagram Advertising’ Workshop offers you the tools to connect with your best audience so that you can sell your great ideas and products online.

During this workshop we’ll learn how to create enticing ads, set them up on the exchange and start promoting your brand the very same day.

SocialBulls understands that schedules can change and despite a registrant’s best intentions they may not be able to attend a workshop. If a registrant is unable to attend the workshop an alternate delegate from the registrant’s company is welcome to attend in their place. If a substitute cannot be found, SocialBulls will accept cancellations and issue refunds under the following conditions:

Important dates:
The registration deadline is no more than 2 weeks before a workshop.
The cancellation deadline is no more than 4 business days before a workshop

If SocialBulls cancels a workshop for any reason, all registration fees will be fully refunded.
Registration fees will be fully refunded if the registrant cancels prior to the registration deadline.
No refunds will be provided if the registrant cancels after the cancellation deadline or is a “no-show” at the workshop.

If the registrant cancels after the registration deadline but prior to the cancellation deadline, the registrant may choose to either:

  • Receive a partial refund of 50% of the registration fee, or
  • Apply the full amount as a credit for a workshop offered by SocialBulls within 6 months from the date of the original workshop. If SocialBulls does not host another workshop within this period, the registrant will have the choice of either holding the registration fee for an additional 6 months or receiving a refund of 50% of the registration fee.