Three Social Media Workshops, One Price!

The SocialBulls Alpha Package offers the most value for your dollar.

Attend all three Workshops for the price of $799 and gain access to the SocialBulls Alumni Library, a savings of $247.

Workshop(s) Outcomes:

  • You’ll learn how to create compelling, persuasive campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
  • How to take your ads live.
  • Which tools you can use to manage multiple campaigns.
  • How to improve upon your ads to reduce your cost per conversion and gain greater reach on a modest budget.
  • How to understand your analytics and respond to the data to make smart marketing decision.

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SocialBulls Workshops are non-sequential. You should select the Workshop(s) that apply most to you based on your experience and the stage of your idea or business.

Bring Your Own Device

“It’s a common problem. Attendees experience a workshop and leave feeling educated and empowered to take the desired action, only to return to their day-to-day life and not execute. To combat this, we have found our Bring You Own Device sessions to be very popular, and most importantly, they produce exceptional results.”Michael Wynn Co-Founder Socialbulls, President of Full Blast Creative

Where will the workshop take place?

This workshop will be hosted at 105, 1240 – 20 Ave SE, home to SocialBulls and Full Blast Creative.

Is there parking?

There is free parking within the visitor parking stalls of the Localmotive Crossing building as well as an Impark lot next to the building.

“The knowledge I want to share helped to propel my own companies and since embracing the Socialbulls Approach, I’ve tripled revenue and profits for 3 consective years.”Crystal DeCnodder, Founder of Socialbulls & Inkplot - Social Digital