Level 2: Learn Advanced Facebook & Instagram Advertising


SocialBulls Workshops are non-sequential. You should select the workshop(s) that apply most to you based on your experience and the stage of your idea or business. If you are new to paid social media, we recommended attending our workshops in the following order to get the most value and to ensure there are no gaps in your knowledge:

Everything You Need to Know To Learn How to Advertise on Facebook & Instagram

When our team first started to work with Facebook Advertising, there wasn’t much information available on how to launch and manage multiple ad campaigns. For a time, placing an ad on Facebook was largely trial and error. Each time we launched a campaign, we’d learn something new so that little by little we could predict the results our ads would generate.

These days Facebook Advertising is much easier to use. The Facebook Ad Exchange is now one of the most simple and straightforward platforms teams can use to quickly launch their brands online. We’ve been creating Facebook ads for years and let us tell you, it’s been a real technology revolution! With every incremental update, Facebook improved their service so all kinds of people, just like you, can set up powerful, affordable, digital sales funnels to sell their great products and ideas online.

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Bring Your Own Device

This BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) live workshop is the second in a series of three Sponsored Social Media Workshops that will teach you to create, launch and manage exceptional Facebook or Instagram ad campaigns.

One Day Social Media Workshop

Over the course of a day, you will begin to create your own sales funnel by linking your website and email marketing channels with your Facebook Advertising objectives. We’re also going to explore Power Editor, a tool developed by Facebook that allows you to manage multiple ad campaigns from one simple interface.

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If you’ve experimented with Facebook Advertising, you have already been introduced to the basic Facebook Ads Manager. Ads Manager is good enough for users who are just getting started with Facebook Advertising, but sooner or later most marketers will want to graduate to a more effective and advanced platform like Power Editor. Power Editor allows you to make mass edits, upload data fields to multiple ads at once and access a variety of advanced features that are not available in the traditional Ads Manager.

We’ll also compare each of Facebook’s advertising objectives (there are 15 of them), including a handful of objectives only accessible through Power Editor. With a solid understanding of why and when to use each advertising objective, we’ll create a personalized objective plan for you that you can start to use the very next time you promote your brand on Facebook
on Instagram.

Armed with a fast-acting sales funnel and a new understanding of Power Editor, we’ll explore creative strategies that will ensure you and your team create unique and engaging ads. You’ll be able to launch smarter ads that perform better, reduce your ad spend and match your business goals.

“Power Editor is the very same tool SocialBulls uses in our strategy to manage our own sales funnel and promote our brand online. It’s the tool our agencies use to manage small business clients as well as our clients that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend every month.”Crystal DeCnodder, Founder of SocialBulls & Inkplot - Social Digital

In a One Day Advanced Facebook and Instagram Advertising Workshop You Will Learn to:

1. Create your Facebook sales funnel

Create your own sales funnel by linking your website and email marketing channels with your Facebook advertising objectives

2. Explore Power Editor

A tool developed by Facebook that allows you to manage multiple ad campaigns from one simple interface.

3. Review Facebook’s ad objectives.

Gain an understanding of Facebook’s 15 ad objectives and when to apply these objectives to your own campaigns.

4. Learn about Instagram’s ad objectives

Learn which ad objectives are available on Instagram and when to apply these objectives to your own campaigns.

5. Use Power Editor for Facebook and Instagram

Create and launch your own Facebook or Instagram ad using Power Editor during the live workshop.

6. Explore creative ad strategies

Explore creative strategies to improve your ad performance, reduce your ad spend and and gain a positive ROI.

SocialBulls Workshops are intimate gatherings with limited seating.

Advertise on and get results.

Our Workshops



  • 1 Day Workshop
  • 30 Min. Webinar 1 Week
    Following the Launch of Your Campaign
  • 90 minute One-on-One Consultation
  • Access to SocialBulls Alumni Library & Resources



Where will the workshop take place?

This workshop will be hosted at the Full Blast Creative Office and SocialBulls. We are located at 105  – 1240 20th Ave. SE on the southeast side of the LocalMotive Crossing Building.

Is there parking?

There is free parking within the visitor parking stalls of the Localmotive Crossing building as well as an Impark lot next to the building.

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