Measure Your Marketing Results & Optimize for Improved ROI – March 24, 2016

Crystal DeCnodder

March 24, 2016 9:00 am - 3:30 pm The Commons Calgary

In a one day Social Media Workshop you will:

  • Learn to segment your target audiences down to a granular level
  • Learn to track and understand your marketing analytics. What is the data telling you? How can you respond to improve your campaigns?
  • Have you optimized your campaign and optimized your audience? Let’s place your best content in front of your best audience most likely to engage or invest.
  • With a thorough accumulation of data, we’ll look for opportunities to employ predictive modelling. Predictive modelling looks at existing patterns in current data to statistically predict the behavior of your future customers.

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How do we measure marketing performance?

Beyond the hard data, delving into marketing analytics sometimes calls for collecting different metrics from more places than you have been. For example, a thorough analytic understanding isn’t just built off information gathered during lead generation, it also involves tracking metrics like:

  • Who is receiving your messages?
  • On what medium are they consuming your message?
  • Who is sharing your messages?
  • How are they sharing it?
  • Who is responding to your calls to action?
  • Is your message leading to actual sales improvements?
  • Is your team on track to meet the goals set forth for this month, quarter, and year?
  • Are your efforts generating a Return on Investment (ROI)?

This workshop looks beyond gathering analytics and focuses on reading the data to make sure you are making smart marketing decisions and getting the best results from your audience.

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