Check out Resizer. A New Google Tool for Responsive Website Design

This is pretty cool. Please watch the video shown above.

Google has launched a new tool, Resizer, that will help website designers understand and plan for responsive design layouts. If you don’t have a few extra devices kicking around the office, you can use Resizer to understand how your web builds will render on a variety of devices from mobile to desktop.

As noted by Google, “The tool is an interactive viewer to see and test how digital products respond to breakpoints across desktop, mobile and tablet.”

Users enter any URL into the search bar located at the top of Resizer’s page. We used

Once the user has entered their link, they see how their site or pages present in a variety of layout sizes.

This is useful to help understand which layout patterns work best for every screen size particularly where you have content breaks. Designing for a variety of devices is tricky but an essential part of the design process.

“With Resizer, it’s as if you have a digital ruler measuring out how a URL performs in every instance.”

For Calgary website designers and developers or those who would like to emulate Google’s design,
Resizer makes responsive UIs dead simple.

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