Facebook for Nonprofits and NGOs.

Facebook has launched a new resource and toolkit for nonprofits and NGOs.

The library is intended as a living-resource that will update as new features emerge to help nonprofits create a presence, connect with supporters, drive funding and shine awareness on community causes.

Broken down into simple step-by-step modules, nonprofits can now learn how to capture public attention, strengthen relationships, and reach new people that may support their cause through donations or volunteer efforts.

The resource guide goes beyond learning Facebook’s tools and advertising platform; it helps non-profits develop their strategy and critical path.

Facebook has also shared several successful case studies profiling nonprofits that have had tremendous success using Facebook for social good.

Check it out!

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Crystal DeCnodder

Crystal DeCnodder is a keynote speaker, social media, and digital marketing expert and is a partner at Full Blast Creative, a creative digital marketing and web design agency in Calgary, Alberta. When Crystal is AFK, she enjoys skateboarding, guitar, travel, and time with family and friends.

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